European Talent Broker AB is situated in Rosersberg just outside of Stockholm, Sweden, its focus is on the World wide market.

About us

European Talent Broker is an independent company within the Swedish music industry. Our main activities are to exclusively represent record-artists as tour agents, tour producers and/or as management. The company represents 10 artists today. (enclosure: roster)

History/ The company Siljemark Production was founded by Lars Telbrant and Jonas Siljemark in 1992 and grew to one of the bigger agency’s in Europé within it’s niche during the 1990s, with clients such as Ace of Base, Dr Alban, E-type, Haddaway, Culture Beat, Rednex, Lutricia McNeal and many more. 

During the autumn of 1997 Siljemark Production merged with Sweden based United Stage and formed one of the largest agency’s in Scandinavia called United Stage Artists

2001. Lars Telbrant sells his stocks in United Stage and founds the new agency and management company European Talent Broker AB.