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The best-selling female country artist in history

Shania Twain is the world´s biggest female Country star and one of the best-selling female recording artists in music history, with more than 100 million records sold.

 Shania Twain, winner of five Grammy Awards and 215 total awards including American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards and BMI Country Awards, had her breakthrough in 1995, with her album “The Woman in Me”, containing hits like “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under”, “Any Man Of Mine”, “I’m Outta’ Here”, and “You Win My Love”.

Her second album, “Come On Over”, became the best-selling country album in history with hits like “Man! I Feel Like A Woman”, “From This Moment On”, “That Don’t Impress Me Much”, “You’re Still The One” and “Rock This Country”.

Her music dominated the charts in many countries throughout the 1990’s and many of her songs have become iconic across the world. She has seven US Billboard #1 hits and eleven #1 hits in Canada, which are foundations for her lasting success. Her popularity is still deep, and she sells out her Las Vegas residency shows like no one else. She recently performed at this year's Coachella Music Festival together with Harry Styles, helping to cement her sound into another younger demographic.

In 2012, Shania started a two-year “Still The One” residency at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace. The show proved to be an epic success and became one of the best[1]selling residency shows in Las Vegas. In 2021, she returned to Las Vegas for a new residency, this time at Zappos Theatre at Planet Hollywood. The show was put on hold due to the Pandemic but has now resumed and will run throughout the year.

The Best, After Only Shania Herself

Our cherished music of the 1990’s never really faded and in the past few years it has had a very strong revival. Shania’s music has been constantly played on radios across the world ever since the 1990's and her popularity never seems to end. Her Las Vegas shows still sell out in no time and the fact that she was invited to perform at the Coachella Music festival together with Harry Styles shows that her music still is on top, and especially appealing to a younger demographic, even 27 years after her big break through.

The Shania Experience is a 90 -minute lively, engaging show containing nineteen of Shania’s biggest hits, performed by award -winning artist, Alexa Lace, and a nine -piece Nashville band with the exact on -stage setup as Shania’s concerts and directed by Shania’s former Musical Director for more than 20 years. The show offers Shania’s greatest hits and will be performed at venues across both North America and Canada.

The Shania Experience music and energy builds throughout the show as a re -creation of Shania’s famous 2003 TV concert broadcast in Chicago, viewed on TV by 8.9 million people, making it the second most viewed television concert in history

Not just another Shania Tribute.

What Differentiates The Shania Experience from other Tributes?

While there are several tributes to Shania in the world today, most tributes are simply vocalists who sing Shania songs and wear similar costumes. The Shania Experience sets the standard for musical tributes and differentiates itself from others with our top-level talent. We have 100% professionals associated with the show; A-List musicians each auditioned and cast in Nashville and directed by the renown professional who was Shania’s Musical Director for more than 20 years.

The Shania Experience stage direction, musical arrangements, song selection, show tempo, and marketing are all formulated to the same quality standards and methods as are Las Vegas and Broadway shows.

Alexa Lace has the same natural vocal timbre as Shania and sings this naturally, and yet has been working for months with Jason Woods to shape her vocal attack and emphasis more accurately in sounding exactly like Shania. Jason is considered one of the best singers, recording and vocal coaches on the planet, has toured the world and coached superstars such as Beyoncé and Michael Jackson, and of course, Alexa, among others

Hardy Hemphill, the Musical Director

Hardy Hemphill is the Music Director for The Shania Experience. That means he is responsible for selecting the band members, arrange the music, lead band rehearsals etc. And who can do that better than Hardy Hemphill, after more than 20 years as Shania´s Musical Director?

Hardy was Shania´s Musical Director for 23 years and was also part of her band where he played Keyboard, Harmonica, accordion and Percussion. He has toured with Shania all over the world and knows her music inside out, every note and every harmony.

Hardy is an accomplished and resourceful music industry professional with multifaceted experience as a director, producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist.

Throughout his musical career he has toured with, and played alongside, major musicians including Shania Twain, Kenny Loggins, Elton John, Sting, Rascal Flatts, The Backstreet Boys, and Shelly Wright. This includes performing on national television spots, sporting events, world tours, and award-shows.

Alexa Lace

The Artist performing the Shania role

Alexa Lace is an awarded recording artist, model, and actor, born in Barcelona, Spain. Already at the age of 13, Alexa knew she wanted to become a vocal, recording and performing artist. She worked extra after school in a pizzeria, lying about her age, in order to pay for recording demos with which she went knocking on doors to the record companies.

The hard work paid off, and in 2003, she was signed by Universal Music label and released her first single, a song called “Ven Conmigo a la Fiesta”. The song became the big hit of summer that year. The immediate success, however, posed problems for Alexa, because she did not have time to prepare for the instant visibility and recognition to come. She was quite shy and felt very uncomfortable in front of cameras. She then decided to remedy this by signing up for a modeling agency where on camera performance was more routine. There she was immediately noticed by several advertising agencies and soon found herself making commercials for global brands such as Fanta and Pirelli and later became a model for Calvin Klein.

She was then asked to perform minor roles in film, including two Hollywood productions where the most famous was (unflatteringly) called, Face of Terror. She also received visible assignments in television where she became a ”sidekick” to Perdo Ruiz, host of Spain's largest talk show, “Noche Abierta con Pedro Ruiz”. After a season of 20 programs, she decided to go back to music, her primary passion and her top priority.

In 2017, she was discovered by the American/Swedish artist agency, Broadway Management, and began working and recording together with some of the top songwriters and producers in the world; professionals behind global hits with artists such as Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, One Direction, and others.

In 2018, Alexa entered the US Top-40 with her single, “Dime Con Tus Manos”, that peaked at #34 on the Mediabase Radio chart. Alexa won Best Latin Pop Performer category at The Hollywood Music Awards in in 2018, and in 2019, she worked on her stage performance for three months with Shaun Walker, dancer and choreographer for Beyoncé, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Mariah Carey, which resulted in a nomination for a Producer’s Choice Honor Award in Las Vegas in the category ”Best Female International Live Performer”.

In 2018, Alexa went on a four-month tour covering California, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Brazil where she performed in more than 250 TV shows, Radio Shows, Concerts and Festivals.

She has performed for very large audiences across the world, and this includes her concert at the Coca Cola Music Experience in Madrid, with an audience of 60 000 people, The Golden Fest in San Salvador, the largest festivals in Central America, and has shared stages with well-known artists such as One Direction’s Louise Tomlinson and Liam Payne, also with Anne Marie, Austin Mahone, Clean Bandit, CNCO and Carlos Vives.

In 2020, she was awarded a Merit of Honor for Exceptional Talent by the Royal House of Gomes and given the title, Lady of the Royal House Gomes. She received the Merit and her title from the hands of King Hanry Gomes

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