Legendary Swedish Dj-duo RobnRaz (Robert “Rob” Wåtz & Rasmus “Raz”Lindvall) are pioneers in the Scandinavian Dj & dancemusic scene! They were both representing Sweden in DMC World Dj Championships in the late 80´s and already then ranked top 10 dj:s in the world!

In the 90´s RobnRaz release the very first worldwide international dancehit made in Sweden; “RobnRaz feat Leila K – Got to get” witch sold millions of copys all over the world. Since then this dj & producerduo had numerous hits all over the world! “In command”, “Take a ride” and “Clubhopping”, just to mention a few, are still worldwide floorfillers!

As producers and songwriters RobnRaz has collaborated with many artists, such as Mendez, Lutricia Mcneal, René Dif, D-Flex, Papa Dee, Loreen and many moore. In beginning of 2019 they started working on a new album in the studio, to be released later in 2019.

Still on top of the dj-scene, RobnRaz delivers energetic dj-sets around the world!

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