Their debute-singel ”Cotton Eye Joe shocked the world and rocketed up the charts in 1994. It went no.1 in 12 countries and on the Eurochart Hot 100. The single went to become the best selling single in Germany for 10 years (triple-platinum). It was no.1 in the UK for 4 weeks, and sold gold in the USA. 

The album went on to sell a European platinum and with the follow-up singles they generated sales of an excess of 10 million copies. In Germany the band achieved the prestigious Golden Lion-award after having topped the charts for 16 weeks in one year. Since the first release in 1994, Rednex is the artist that has spent most weeks at No.1 on the German Single Chart since 1980, with a total of 25 weeks (Modern Talking being No.2 with 19 weeks). The band has also achieved the RSH-award for ”Cotton Eye Joe” who was the most frequent played song in the German radio during 90´s. ”Cotton Eye Joe” even sold gold in Australia.

Rednex have recorded 10 singles – 8 of the singles have sold Gold. (That is more than 250.000 copies per single.) Rednex have recorded 3 albums – 2 of those albums have sold Gold. (That is more than 250.000 sold copies per album.)

In 1998, Rednex debutsingle ”Cotton Eye Joe” was featured in the Hollywood-success movie "The Negotiator" starring Samuel L Jackson. Now Rednex have 2 more songs featured in the animated movie called ”Barnyard”, a 16 million dollar budget-movie with its release in the USA in October 2006. The director is Steve Oudekerk (the man behind Ace Ventura). 2006 Sony Playstation releases a new game with Rednextracks.
Now, after having scored 10 consecutive Top 40 hits, sold more than 10 million records world wide - the HillbillyCountry-band are celebrating their 14th anniversary you where here" back in the band. 

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