P-Floyd is considered to be one of the very foremost concept bands in the world, and they treat the music of the legendary supergroup Pink Floyd’s musical legacy as if it was their own, never afraid of renewal and innovation. With gentle and loving hands they interpret the music they love. By constantly developing and challenging themselves, they keep the music alive and kicking, fresh and vital, and with their magnificent stage productions including epic sound and lighting designs, an experience out of the ordinary is certainly guaranteed! And goosebumps of course!

During their twenty years as a band P-Floyd has been playing sold out concert halls in Sweden and Scandinavia, and they have also filled the mythical mega-venue Dalhalla on several occasions. The latest concerts in Dalhalla, 2016, provided them with the honourable and esteemed award ”Live Act of the Year” at the Dalecarlia Music Awards.

There’s no doubt that P-Floyd fills a huge need among those who still love Pink Floyd, and who, for natural reasons, are not able to see them live anymore. With P-Floyd you get your fills and thrills both regarding the visuals as well as the music, and the true magic and glory of what separates PFloyd from other bands, is that they keep surprising their audience with new and breathtaking interpretations and arrangements of Pink Floyd’s immortal music, an organic flow that is usually associated with how original bands nurture their music, at the same time as they maintain and cherish the very soul and essence of the invaluable musical treasure that made Pink Floyd one of the most successful and influential bands in music history.

Jan Stumsner, Guitar
Hans Lundin, Lead vocals and Guitar
Mats Nilsson, Keyboard and vocals
Håkan Norlin, Keyboard
Peter Holmstedt, Bass
Klas Anderhell, Drums
Thomas Alm – Saxophones
Marica Lindé – Backing and lead vocals
Eleonor Ågeryd – Backing and lead vocals

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