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DJ Rene Dif from AQUA

DJ Rene´ Dif, Lead singer  & Songwriter  & frontman in Denmarks biggest pop success ever to this day With more than 36 No 1 Worldwide such as  Barbie Girl, Dr Jones, Candyman, back to the 80, cartoon heroes, Etc., With more than 35 million sold records and true the years been receiving numerous of  Gold Awards, Platin Awards, Diamant Awards, 8 Grammys Awards, Dma Awards, Zulu awards, Ifpi Awards, Achievement Awards Among many, the latest award was given in 2018 The commercial Danish songwriter price.in 2019 Aqua is still touring and headlining all over the world.

Dj Rene Dif started as a household DJ name in Scandinavia long before Starting Aqua, and have been perfecting that skill ever since and that have taken him to Australia, UK, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Etc.

As a World class artist and entertainer Dj Rene Dif is playing everything from "old school tracks, new tracks, Awesome remixes of old stuff and new stuff , 90ish mashup , 2000 mashup , Remixes "Trix and skills" & Mc on the mick Etc - All and all a Party that will lift ANY festival ore Club to a whole other party level  and make the ICONS Dj set the most powerful and  memorable experience Ever


Robert “Rob” Wåtz from RobnRaz

Legendary Swedish Dj-duo RobnRaz (Robert “Rob” Wåtz & Rasmus “Raz”Lindvall) are pioneers in the Scandinavian Dj & dancemusic scene! They were both representing Sweden in DMC World Dj Championships in the late 80´s and already then ranked top 10 dj:s in the world!

In the 90´s RobnRaz release the very first worldwide international dancehit made in Sweden; “RobnRaz feat Leila K – Got to get” witch sold millions of copys all over the world. Since then this dj & producerduo had numerous hits all over the world! “In command”, “Take a ride” and “Clubhopping”, just to mention a few, are still worldwide floorfillers!

As producers and songwriters RobnRaz has collaborated with many artists, such as Mendez, Lutricia Mcneal, René Dif, D-Flex, Papa Dee, Loreen and many moore. In beginning of 2019 they started working on a new album in the studio, to be released later in 2019.

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